Reader’s Reviews


“I have to tell you that I loved it! The story unfolded very quickly and instantly captivated my imagination. I found shades of ‘Tolkien’ evident in the beautiful poetic mapping, and the mist of sublime fantasy cast a spell on me from the first to the last line. Thank you for giving me a great pleasure and I look forward to the next book in the series.”

“This book has so very much detail in it and I would highly recommend it to everybody even if it does say for children between 8 to 12 it is just the best book I have ever read.”
Jadi Bowden (10)

“I loved this book… My kids loved this book… Crispin Scales is the new
Harry Potter in our house.”
Dom (father of 4)

“Crispin Scales had me laughing and crying… This clumsy boy dragon completely captured my heart.”

“I love, love, love this book!”
Isaac (12)

“I was totally enthralled with this magical world of clumsy dragons, feisty princesses and lisping vampires, where heroes emerge when you least expect them.”
Naomi Bulger (author)

“I read Crispin Scales to my kids and had to listen to moans and groans each time I said ‘that’s enough for tonight.’”
Janet (author, mother of 4)

“Just finished reading it. What a romp. Seriously gives you whiplash it turns on you so fast. When’s the next one please??”
Kelly (mother of 2)