Crispin Scales is the children’s book series we’ve all been craving.

“I have to tell you that I loved it! The story instantly captivated my imagination. The mist of sublime fantasy cast a spell on me from the first to the last line.”


Crispin Scales and the Golden Pearl is the first instalment in an exhilarating fantasy series for 8 to 12 year olds. With a twist that will drop your jaw to the floor, and charming supernatural characters both boys and girls can imagine as their best friends, Crispin Scales is the children’s series we’ve all been craving.

The Crispin Scales Series are stories about friendship and magic. Set in the fantastical land of The Realm, we follow the adventures of Crispin Scales, a clumsy, naïve dragon, prone to self-pity.

He finds out that things don’t always turn out how you think when he learns it is his destiny to save the world, but is murdered in a bloody battle before even trying. But destiny doesn’t let you off that easily, as he soon discovers when an ancient spell brings him back – in a very surprising way.

Crispin learns that he can change what seems like a bad situation into a positive one by changing his attitude first. More importantly he learns that while being all-powerful might be nice – friendship and family are more important.

Crispin Scales and the Golden Pearl


Crispin Scales and the Golden Pearl

Crispin Scales is the clumsiest dragon in the Realm. Unfortunate – because an ancient spell has chosen him to save the world, embedding a golden pearl in his chest to prove it.

When his best friend, the Princess Marlo, is kidnapped by King Gary and the evil dragon Lux, Crispin reluctantly teams up with the rebellious witch Chance to try and save her. Together they travel across the Realm where Crispin must choose between power and friendship.

All standard stuff really – except Crispin must learn to control his magic, escape a pack of hungry bloodhounds and get past the two-headed dragon. Oh, and it would be quite helpful if he could avoid being killed. Something he’s not particularly good at…

Crispin Scales and the City of Doors


Crispin Scales and the City of Doors

Being the Chosen One still sucks.

Not only is Crispin lost in a strange city, but he has also lost all his magical powers. Situation normal really.

Now he is on another quest – one with more questions than answers.
Why are the children being stolen from their homes? What is killing the vampire children? Who are the mysterious Order?

And why send a bunch of bickering teenagers to find the only source of magic left in the Realm?